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Mobile Kitchen

It's not a food truck, it's a full commercial kitchen on wheels.

In order to maintain the highest standards for food quality and the fastest service, we've built a custom kitchen just for catering. Not a standard food truck, it's a mobile commercial kitchen. What's the difference you may ask? Food trucks are designed and equipped to prepare food items one at a time for each individual customer. As such, their layout and equipment are tailored towards a single customer sale. Our mobile kitchen was custom designed and built in the heart of Tennessee, specifically for large volume production. This kitchen is geared towards serving hundreds of people in the shortest time span possible. Our mobile kitchen insures food goes from the pan to the plate in record time. Averaging nearly 5 plates per minute, it takes roughly 20 minutes to serve your 100 guests their dinner. While an impressive feat in itself, the fact that those guests are getting restaurant quality food makes this even more astonishing.

Public Events

Love the idea of a food truck- why not get the best of both worlds? With Roots you can enjoy the aesthetic, feel and creativity you'd expect with a food truck but with the quality, consistency and speed you'd expect from a caterer.

Still not convinced? Keep an eye out for Roots around the Valley. When we're not catering private events you may find us hosting a popup dinner or serving awesome dishes at the Valley's wineries and breweries. Come meet us and try before you buy!

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