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Privacy Policy

As a general rule, the Roots LLC does not collect PII about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide such information to us. Submitting PII through our website is voluntary. By doing so, you are giving Roots LLC your permission to use the information for a specific, stated purpose. However, not providing certain information may result in Roots inability to provide you with the service you desire.

If you choose to provide us with PII through such methods as completing a web form, we will use that information to help us provide you the information or service you have requested. The information we may receive from you varies based on what you do when visiting our site.

We only share the PII you give us with subcontracted or contracted vendors, if your inquiry relates to that business, or as otherwise required by law. We never create individual profiles or give your PII to independent organizations. 

If we store your PII in a record system designed to retrieve information about you by personal identifier (name, personal email address, home mailing address, personal or mobile phone number, etc.), so that we may contact you, we will safeguard the information you provide to us in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (5 U.S.C. § 552a). The Act requires all public-facing sites or forms that request PII to prominently and conspicuously display a privacy notice.

The notice must address the following criteria:

  1. Legal authorization to collect information about you;

  2. Purpose for which the information will be used;

  3. Routine uses for disclosure of information outside of Roots LLC

  4. Whether your providing the information is voluntary or mandatory under law; and

  5. Effects if you choose to not provide the requested information.

Our website allows you to send us email messages. We will use the information you provide to respond to your inquiry. We will only send you general information via email. You should be reminded that email may not necessarily be secure against interception. Therefore, we suggest that you do not send sensitive PII (such as payment information or other sensitive information) to us via email. If your intended email communication is sensitive, e.g., it includes information such as your bank account, charge card, or Social Security number, you should instead send it by U.S. mail. Another alternative may be submission of data through a secure program website, if available.

When you browse through any website, certain information about your visit can be collected. We automatically collect the following types of information about your visit:

  • Domain from which you access the Internet;

  • IP address (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to a computer when surfing the Internet);

  • Operating system and information about the device or browser used when visiting the site;

  • Date and time of your visit;

  • Content you visited or downloaded; and,

  • website (such as or or referral source (email notice or social media site) that connected you to the website.

Roots LLC uses a variety of different Web measurement software tools.

Roots uses Google Analytics measurement software to collect the information listed above. The data are automatically sent to Google’s system and the system immediately aggregates the data. Neither Roots LLC nor Google ever have access to the specifics of your particular site visits. The staff can only see the aggregate data from all users for a particular time period.

Roots LLC gathers this information to improve our websites. We may use the aggregated data to share with our partners and contractors to help improve visitor experiences.

Roots LLC also uses online surveys to collect opinions and feedback from a random sample of visitors. Roots uses Survey Monkey online surveys to obtain feedback and data on visitors’ satisfaction with the website(s). This survey does not collect PII. Participation in the survey is voluntary. If you decline the survey, you will still have access to the identical information and resources on the website as those who take the survey. Answers to the survey help the Roots improve its website and services.

The Roots LLC staff conducts, analyses and reports on the aggregated data from the Survey Monkey survey. The reports are only available to website managers, members of their communications and web teams, and other designated staff who require this information to perform their duties.

Roots LLC retains the data from Google Analytics, and Survey Monkey survey results only as long as required by law or needed to support the mission of the website(s).

Roots LLC uses social media websites and other kinds of third-party websites. Roots uses social media websites to engage in dialogue, share information and media, and collaborate with the public. Roots may also use these websites to make information and services widely available, while promoting transparency and accountability, as a service for those seeking information about or services from the Roots.

Roots does not use third-party websites to solicit and collect PII from individuals. Any PII collected by the third-party website will not be transmitted or stored by Roots.

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