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Northampton, PA

Here at Roots Catering, we've had the pleasure of working with nearly every wedding venue in the Lehigh Valley. From this experience, we've learned the subtleties that promote consistency and reliability in executing each clients' dream wedding. From years of partnership with Barn Swallow Farm, the Nappa family has proven to have these qualities through their hundreds of happy clients.

We started working alongside Barn Swallow Farm in 2019, where we quickly grew a strong partnership driven by our shared passion for quality service. Following a year of mutual success in the wedding space, we formed an exclusive partnership; ensuring a standardized high level of service. 

Since being the exclusive caterer of Barn Swallow Farm, we've streamlined our services so much that the Nappa family has built a custom trailer port, perfectly located between the cocktail hour and barn gathering points. This ensures that at every dining moment of the event, no matter where your guests are on the property, they will receive freshly cooked dishes at the perfectly intended temperature.

Center view of Barn Swallow Farm's sweetheart table under a beautiful chandelier
Outdoor look at Barn Swallow Farm's classic red barn reception building

Interested in booking Roots Catering at Barn Swallow Farm? Click the link below to get in contact and we will take care of the rest.


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