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Executive Chef Erinn McGratch with his wife and daughter

Erinn McGrath

Executive Chef

Chef Erinn McGrath was born in a small town in Wisconsin where he grew up playing sports, listening to music, and helping out at a family restaurant that his parents managed. From a young age he grew a love for food and cooking by visiting the restaurant most days after school. Here he would have free reign over cooking his own meals such as grilled cheese, french fries, cheese curds, and making eggs on the flat top griddle. At age 15 it was time to get a job and his father/the boss said "You can't work for me, it wouldn't be fair to you and the other guys", so he got his first job cooking at a local pizza parlor. After numerous cooking jobs throughout high school, it came time to think about college and culinary school would be his destination. 


Chef attended the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and earned his degree in 2008 to be a certified executive chef. In the following years he worked in Chicago at numerous restaurants including a few that were awarded one and two Michelin Stars. It was there, in Chicago that chef met his wife, Heidi, who was originally from Pennsylvania. After relocating to Wisconsin for a year, the two made their way out east to reside in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Soon after, Chef McGrath started working with Roots Catering and has been dedicating himself to his craft now as a catering chef. In his free time he enjoys playing music, spending time with family, traveling, going to concerts, and enjoying nature.

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