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Roots Catering's owner, Matt Bubbenmoyer with his wife Ashley in front of the mobile kitchen trailer

Matt Bubbenmoyer


Matt Bubbenmoyer, a Lehigh Valley, PA native, is a respected entrepreneur and family man. Married to Ashley, the couple exchanged vows on an Alaskan mountain, showcasing their love for unique experiences. Together, they've built a close-knit family that includes their son, Porter, and their loyal companion, Moxie.

In 2008, Matt and his family established a highly regarded wedding venue in their hometown, a testament to their commitment to delivering top-notch service. Recognizing the importance of maintaining quality, Matt strategically expanded their offerings in 2018 by founding a separate catering company. This diversification allowed them to extend their exceptional experiences to couples at various venues across the region.

Beyond their professional endeavors, Matt and Ashley share a passion for travel, with Kauai holding a special place in their hearts. As avid food enthusiasts, they delight in exploring new restaurants and savoring diverse international cuisines. Matt's dedication extends beyond the business realm to his interests in cars, hiking, and skiing, showcasing a well-rounded individual whose commitment to excellence and trustworthiness is reflected in both his personal and professional pursuits.

Matt alongside his wife, Ashley, and their brown lab, Moxie
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