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Rachel Leh sitting with her family

Rachel Leh

General Manager

Rachel is a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry with nearly 30 years of experience. With two decades of managerial expertise, she has become a skilled leader in culinary management. Rachel is known for guiding teams to success through strategic planning, innovative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of customer preferences.


Her passion for hospitality is evident in her ability to blend business acumen with a genuine love for creating memorable dining experiences. Rachel has adapted to the evolving restaurant landscape, mastering kitchen operations and ensuring smooth front-of-house services. Her wealth of experience has not only shaped her into a strong leader but also a mentor for the next generation of restaurant professionals.

Beyond her career, Rachel is a dedicated family person. She and her husband have known each other for 35 years and have raised five children over the last 23 years. As empty nesters, they now find joy in sharing a small farmette with three large lap dogs, creating a warm and welcoming home.


Rachel's story is a unique balance of professional excellence and a fulfilling personal life, highlighting her ability to navigate the demands of the culinary world while cherishing family life.

Rachel Leh and her husband James
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